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Mindflex Duel

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What we have here is a toy that takes the term “mind games” to a literal sense. Mindflex Duel is a “brain game challenge” from Mattel that requires players to strap on lightweight, wireless headsets that can move a floating foam ball along a set track just by the power of “mind-eye coordination.” Mattel claims that the headsets measure brainwaves to levitate the ball and control it by “alternating between states of concentration and relaxation.”

The challenge varies on the game mode they play. Whether it is trying to shoot the ball through various hoops and holes or playing a head-to-head battle with a friend, Mindflex Duel brings hours of telekinetic fun.

The complete set consists of a multi-purpose game platform, two headsets, and four foam balls. It requires three AAA batteries for each headset, plus four C batteries for the platform.
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Recommended for children ages eight and above, Mindflex Duel is available in Amazon for a listed price of $74.99.

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