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The Mind Controlled UFO

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Remote controlled toys fascinate many kids to no end. It is interesting to control racing cars or flying toys at certain distances without any wires. At least, that was what fascinated me when I first held in my hands a remote controlled toy. But today, many kids are quite accustomed to the technology that they do not give remote controlled toys a second thought whatsoever. What will fascinate them is something totally out of this world. This Mind Controlled UFO is certainly a good candidate.

The Mind Controlled UFO is a unique toy that not many kids are too familiar with yet. It is a unique take to a remote controlled flying machine. This toy does not have that typical remote control used by similar toys. This unidentified flying machine can be controlled by using the mind.

The Mind Controlled UFO makes use of your brain waves in order to maneuver the flying toy. It comes with a headband and an earlobe clip that measures the electrical activity in your brain. It functions just like an EEG monitor used in hospitals. Users also need to download an app for an iOS or Android device to turn it into a remote control. Users then pair the device to the headband via Bluetooth. An infrared transmitter included with the toy is also attached to the smartphone’s audio port. As users learn to relax and concentrate, the infrared transmitter then sends a wireless signal to the UFO to make it move in different directions. It may take a bit of practice to learn how to control the toy using your brain. But once you do, it becomes a very interesting experience.

The downloaded app also comes with a control panel that lets users adjust propeller controls, sensitivity of concentration as well as the filter level of background electromagnetic interference. The transmitter and the UFO can be charged using the included USB cable that users can connect to a computer. The headset requires one AAA battery. The Mind Controlled UFO is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $230.

Image Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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