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Younger kids who love to do things never have to bother about cleaning. It’s the parents job. The toddlers usually have a free pass at it since cleaning is a skill that they haven’t learned yet. But that does not mean that parents can be forgiving about it. Whatever can make the cleaning easier for the parents is always welcome. That is why having this Messmatz in the play area is a great idea.

The Messmatz is a sturdy, flexible, silicone mats that protect surfaces from the mess that comes with child’s play. It is specially designed for activities such as finger painting, clay molding, coloring and even some messy eating. The Messmatz features a raised edge to prevent messes from spilling over the mat. This silicone mat is also easy to clean as it is dishwasher safe. Parents can easily roll it up for convenient storage when not in use. It is also kid-safe. Using the Messmatz can benefit younger kids since it encourages uninhibited play that can really help kids work on their unbridled creativity. Each mat is 14 inches by 18 inches and is available in pink, blue, or green. The Messmatz is available at Fat Brain toys for  $23.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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