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Melissa & Doug Trunki Kids Luggage

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When I travel my my twins sometime it’s can be quite a challenge, especially when it is a very long trip. they can easily get bored along the way, become restless and tired. One way that may help prevent kids from becoming restless on a trip is by keep them occupied. Adding something fun and enjoyable while at the airport waiting for a flight may also do, too.

I discovered the Trunki Kid’s Luggage who is a piece of durable luggage designed for kids. But it is more than just a kid’s carry-on luggage. It is durable enough for kids 3 to 6 years old to ride on and holds up to 100 lbs.

The Trunki is made of durable but lightweight plastic, strong enough to accommodate a preschooler to ride on. It is a multi-function luggage that can be used to store anything- from kid’s clothes to toys. Locking catches make its contents secure inside. It also comes with a carry-tow strap, used to carry the Trunki as well as a means to tow kids along for a ride.

With the Trunki,  kids would have something fun to do that would help ease their boredom while at the airport. Trunki is a convenient kid-friendly storage bin too! The Trunki is available at Amazon for around US$40 in different design  and colors.

Image Source: amazon.com

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