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Meet Clementoni Mio The Robot That Kids Can Program

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Kid's Robot Toy

Kids nowadays have more access to modern toys that help them not only have fun, but also teaches them many things. This combination of fun and learning will help kids absorb new knowledge better and even help them explore their world even more actively. Nothing can be more fun for many kids than playing with a robot. An even better idea is playing with a robot that kids themselves can program, such as the new Clementoni Mio the Robot.

The Clementoni Mio the Robot is special in so many ways. First, it is not a robot toy that kids can take out of the box and start playing with. Kids actually need to assemble the robot, guided by a richly illustrated manual to make it easier and fun to do. Not only that, kids can also program this robot to do a variety of tasks. Doing so is made easy through the buttons mounted on the robot’s back. Learning the basics of programming will enable the kids to make the Clementoni Mio the Robot do a number of tasks such as draw pictures using a marker, pick up metal objects with its magnetic arm, and even move around or avoid obstacles in its path.

The Clementoni Mio the Robot will help kids build up an interest in robotics and computer programming. It will also help them develop their visual-spatial skills, logic as well as help fuel their creativity. The set comes with all the parts needed to build up the robot, except for the 4 AAA batteries needed to power it up. The Clementoni Mio the Robot is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $46.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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