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Math Whiz Electronic Game

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Math skills are important in everyday life. Unfortunately, most kids who hate it do not think so. What parents need to do is to develop that love for math in kids. While it may be quite a tall order, making math fun may be the next best thing. Having kids play with toys like the Math Whiz Electronic Game can help them do that.

The Math Whiz Electronic Game helps solving math equations fun by making it into a game. Kids find games fun. They will surely love playing with the Math Whiz and develop their math skills in the process.

Kids can play different levels of math games from easy to difficult. Kids need to choose one of four math skills- Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide. They can then choose the level they choose with level one being the easiest. Pressing enter will then give kids one math equation after another. They input their answers with the number pad and the device will tell them if they answered correctly with a smiling face flashing on the display and the correct answer tone playing. For each level, kids need to answer 10 math equations. In the end, the toy device will indicate the player’s score as well as the time it took to answer them. A player’s goal is to try to beat the time on the next game.

Another game called Challenge where the objective is to eliminate the numbers that appear on the screen that can add up to ten. They just choose the numbers by pressing the chosen numbers on the keypad just as they appear on the screen.

The Math Whiz Electronic Game will help kids master their math skills the more they play it. It makes learning fun so kids will not find it a waste of their time when playing with the Math Whiz. It is ideal for kids from 6 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $30.

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