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Math Madness Book Set

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Telling kids about the importance of learning math can be quite a challenge. Some kids may find it such a boring exercise trying to learn numbers, counting and arithmetic. Drumming up interest in kids about math can sometimes take a lot of time. One way of helping make it interesting for the kids is by making learning about math fun and enjoyable. This Math Madness Book Set can help kids learn to appreciate numbers in many different ways.

The Math Madness Book Set features 2 books that can teach kids the importance of math. One book titled “101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math” will help teach kids the relevance of math in the everyday world. From music, art, travel, food and even fashion, kids will discover just how math works its way in the different aspects of life. This will help start kids into appreciating math more.

And if that will not do it for some kids, the other book, “65 Short Mysteries You Solve with Math”, will help make math fun. Reading this book will let kids engage in one-minute mysteries that will require math to solve. How good a kid becomes at math will determine just how quick the mysteries in the book will be solved. Fun and engaging, this book will help kids learn how to appreciate using math as a tool for solving problems and puzzles.

The Math Madness Book Set helps kids not only master math but also develop their reading skills as well as develop their logic and critical thinking. This book set is ideal for kids from 10 years old and above. The Math Madness Book Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $23.
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