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Matchbox House Puzzle

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Going on vacation trips are not just about going to exciting and fun destinations. Sometimes kids have to go through lengthy travel and periods where they have nothing to do as they travel to a certain destination. If parents are not prepared for this, kids can become unruly and disruptive out of boredom. Parents need to have something to keep their kids occupied during the trip. The Matchbox House Puzzle can provide for a solution that literally can come out of your pocket.

The Matchbox House Puzzle from Kikkerland is a portable activity solution for kids looking for something to do. This building set is composed of wooden cubes, triangles, rectangles, cylinders and an arch, all packaged and fit right into a matchbox. It is designed to be similar to the usual building blocks that kids are familiar with playing. Only this time, the building blocks are on a pocket-sized scale.

Kids can play with the Matchbox House Puzzle whenever there is a need to occupy the time and avoid boredom. It will help the kids hone their creativity and imagination as they use the small wooden pieces to try and build unique and interesting structures. The small size of the building blocks can also help kids develop their fine motor skills. The Matchbox House Puzzle comes with 17 wooden blocks in different colors and shapes. It is an ideal companion for kids who always have that urge to be creative and while away the time. They only need to reach into their pockets to take out and play with the Matchbox House Puzzle building set. It is an ideal toy for kids from 6 years old and above. This diminutive wooden block building set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $5.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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