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Marbotic Smart Letters

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Kids need to learn the alphabet early. It will certainly help them eventually develop their spelling and reading skills faster. But those first steps towards learning them can be challenging. It helps if kids find the first stages of learning the alphabet fun. It will surely help keep their interest to learn up. The Marbotic Smart Letters learning system can help in this aspect.

The Marbotic Smart Letters combines classic wooden letters and apps to create a learning system that many kids will find fun. It makes use of colorful wooden blocks shaped as letters. But there is more to it than just that. These smart letters combine with an iPad app to create a fun and interactive learning interface where kids use the letter blocks while using the app. Kids can use the wooden letters much like a stamp. When kids press a wooden letter into the touch screen display of the iPad running the app, the same letter appears digitally into the screen, giving the effect of stamping an answer into the tablet screen.

With educational lessons and tests, kids can then use each smart letter to stamp answers to corresponding questions. Through this interactive learning system, kids will find learning letters fun and exciting. The interplay of using physical wooden blocks with digital devices like the iPad serves to help kids love learning all the more. The Marbotic Smart Letters is now available at the Marbotic site for 50 Euros or around $54.

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