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Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst

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I remember that when my child was still a baby, he went through a gritty teething stage. He just liked to chew into just about anything he gets his hands on. This means his toys, his bib, and just about anything else. While all kids really go through this stage, it helps that the baby has something safe to chew on. The Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst will make an ideal toy for babies to have something to play with and also have something to safely sink their little mouths into.

The Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst is both a toy rattle and a baby teether in one. It comes as a mish-mash of plastic tubing in a variety of bright colors to be visually appealing to babies. The plastic tubings that form loops also become handles that are easy even for babies to grasp.

The Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst makes an ideal baby teether as well. Parents can refrigerate this pliable toy in order to make it as a soothing teether for the baby. It is child-safe as the plastic tubing is made out of polyurethane that does not contain BPA or PVC. The materials used meets the meets the SPSIA and European standard requirements for phthalates. You are ensured that it is safe for babies. After all, toys that are safe for babies to play with is what’s foremost in every parents’ minds. The Manhattan Toy Winkel Color Burst is available at the Manhattan Toy site for US$14.

Image Source: Manhattan Toy

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