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Magnetic Time Tracker

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Kids can sometimes forget about the time when they are having fun. They can have so much fun that they can sometimes forget their chores around the home. I know from firsthand experience. Parents can sometimes become quite frustrated trying to keep the kids to finish what they were asked to do, be it cleaning up their room or taking out the garbage. It is not that they are too lazy to do it. They sometimes are not just aware of the time. In order to help them keep track of the time the fun way, parents can make use of the Magnetic Time Tracker.

The Magnetic Time Tracker is a fun way to help kids keep track of time. A visually colorful time tracking device, it encourages kids to practice sound time management. This device comes with a timer that makes use of lights and sounds to help kids track time. The red, yellow and green lights light up as the time is counted down. Parents can set it from one minute to 24 hours using the small arrow buttons found in the device. The alarm can be set as a visual or audio alert, or both.

The Magnetic Time Tracker comes with a magnet at the back that can stick to any metal surface. You can use it either as a wall or a tabletop device to alert your kids that time is running out. This will especially be useful for kids who always need to be reminded of just about anything, from brushing their teeth to putting their toys away to clear out the living room. Kids will surely appreciate the Magnetic Time Tracker as they will surely prefer it over the raised voice of an angry parent. The Magnetic Time Tracker is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$28.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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