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Magical Illustrator Sketching Helper

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Many kids love to try their hand at sketching. But sometimes, their first sketches are not always that good. But just like with any other skill, practice can help kids become better in doing sketches. Sometimes, having tools can help the kids improve faster. The Magical Illustrator Sketching Helper can be such a tool for novice sketchers.

The Magical Illustrator Sketching Helper from Japanese toy maker Bandai will help kids get better at sketching while making it easy as well. It makes use of a unique optical trick to help kids learn how to sketch. This unique toy and sketching tool can reflect any image laid in front of it and into the sketching paper laid out on its main sketching area. Kids then only need to trace out the lines they see on the eyepiece in order to sketch any drawing or image they want.

The Magical Illustrator Sketching Helper is also very easy to set up. Kids only need to adjust the

Arm supporting the mirror as well as the glasses where the image is viewed. There is a stand where kids can clip a drawing or image that they want to copy or sketch. They only then need to place a sheet of blank paper on the drawing board and peer through the glasses to see the image that they can trace.

The Magical Illustrator Sketching Helper is an ideal tool for helping kids to copy images and drawings accurately as well as when trying to draw from scratch. The pieces can be assembled and disassembled easily. It is an ideal sketching tool for kids from 6 years old and above. It is available at Japan Trend Shop for $65.

Image Source: Japan Trend Shop

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