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Magic Tracks Glowing Track Set

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The joy of racing is not just an adult thing. Even kids love to see things that go fast. They even like running races whenever the time and place permits. It is no wonder then that kids also love toys that move fast. The colors and the other activities all but add to the appeal and excitement. Toys like the Magic Tracks Glowing Track Set do exactly that.

The Magic Tracks Glowing Track Set is not your typical toy car race track. This track building set comes with flexible tracks that bend as well as glow in the dark. It is easy to snap the track pieces together and create a custom speedway with the 220 pieces of glow tracks in different colors. Kids can try building a race track with a total length of up to Each set also comes with a LED lighted race car that also keeps the track glowing.

Kids can have a lot of fun times watching the LED race car speeding up the glowing tracks. Having two sets of tracks will allow kids to race against each other, which is twice the fun. The Magic Tracks Glowing Track Set is ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for around $30.

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