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Magformers Lighted Set

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My kids like to play with building blocks. But using the same building blocks over and over again can lead to diminished interest over time. They try to look for something challenging after getting quite accustomed to the usual building blocks they use. The result is that the toy set becomes neglected after some time. So what I do is to try to give them something different to play with. If it is another set of building blocks, I try to make sure that it functions differently from the previous building blocks I bought in terms of how my kids will use them. It should also have a unique visual impact as well to keep the kids interested. As a departure from the usual building block set, having this Magformers Lighted Set around will surely get my kids light up in delight.

The Magformers Lighted Set is a toy set that makes use of powerful but safe magnets to connect the different pieces together. Kids can simply put the different shapes together and the magnets will let them stick. With 55 triangular and square shapes of different sizes to play with, it is a great way to build up structures and creativity will surely be challenged. The building block set also comes with a special shining light cube that kids can add into the structure. They can connect it to a computer using a USB cord and it will add some light into their creation. Kids can try building a lighted pinwheel, a glowing pyramid or an illuminated igloo. It is a great and fun way to combine light color and shapes to have an interesting toy set that many kids would like to play with for hours and hours. The Magformers Lighted Set is available at Magformers for US$120.

Image Source: Magformers

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