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Lumi Dough

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Kids love to play with clay or modeling dough. They can make different things with it, which can help develop their creativity and imagination. There are now a number of such toys available in the market for kids. But they essentially offer the same features and properties that make such toys fun to play with. Kids may have a unique experience playing with Lumi Dough compared to other similar dough sets. That is because this one glows in the dark.

With the Lumi Dough, kids can play with a unique glow-in-the-dark dough set. Kids will have a fun time trying to create and form different objects using the Lumi Dough. It stretches like rubber and does not crack or crumble. It is safe and made of a non-toxic material with anti-bacterial properties. It is also washable and does not leave any mess.

The Lumi Dough is non-hardening so that kids can play with it over and over again. But if they choose to create something more permanent, they only need to bake the Lumi Dough, with parental supervision, of course. The Lumi Dough is ideal and safe for kids from 4 years old and above. It is available at Amazon for around $20. This includes a set of Lumi Dough in six colors.

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