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Long Horn Board Game

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While the days of Wild West and cowboy adventures may have long gone, many kids still hear about them through stories and classic TV shows. It is no wonder many are still fascinated by them. Kids who like learning about the Wild West can have more fun playing games like this Long Horn board game.

The Long Horn board game is about two outlaw cowboys collecting cattle in different areas. Each player chooses a type of color cattle. As they advance into each location tile, each player tries to collect all the cattle of the same color. Players can also get the cattle from other players. But when there are no more cattle on that location, players need to do what an action card indicates. They can steal a gold nugget, ambush another opponent, get all the cattle from another location or take another turn.

It may seem a good deal doing this action cards at first. But players may also need to watch out. There is also an epidemic action card that can wipe out all your cattle herd of a particular color. You may also get a rattlesnake card which will scatter your cattle into other locations. If you get a sheriff card, then you lose the game outright.

The objective of the game is to get as many cattle as possible, make the most money and avoid being arrested by the sheriff. The last player to survive, collect nine cow of the same color, or is the only one remaining on the board not to be arrested by the sheriff, wins the game. The Long Horn board game is exciting and fun to play, especially for kids who love learning about the Wild West. It helps encourage critical thinking, develops logic and building strategy skills. This game is ideal for kids from 4 years old and above. The Long Horn board game is available at Fat Brain Toys for $25.

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