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LoCoMoGo Train Coding Toy

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Teaching younger kids how to code may seem a far-fetched idea for many parents. But there are now ways available on how this can be possible through play. There are toys like the new LoCoMoGo Train Coding Toy that can do just that.

The LoCoMoGo Train Coding Toy is a train set that does more than keep young kids accupied as they play. This toy comes with features that allow kids to learn the basic ideas of code logic. It allows them to grasp basic coding ideas without having to create actual code. That is the best way to introduce coding to kids with an element of fun and interest.

The LoCoMoGo Train Coding Toy set features train cars that perform certain functions. Each train car adds a new function when connected together. The red train car acts as the main engine. It makes the train move through tracks created with tape or when drawn on paper. There is the color car that teaches kids coding logic basics by means of understanding color. This way, learning the logic concepts becomes simple and fun. There is also the connectivity car that allows kids to connect the train to a phone or tablet. With the LoCoMoGo app, kids can then start learning basic programming. With the app, kids will be able to engage in solving simple and playful challenges by understanding code via a simple drag-and-drop method.

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