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LittleBits Space Kit

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Some kids know what they want to be when they grow up at a very early age. It is important for parents to help steer the child’s path towards their dream while still young. Providing them with toys and tools that nurture their interests can help a lot. For would be engineers and even astronauts, the LittleBits Space Kit can be an ideal addition to a kid’s toy set.

The LittleBits Space Kit is an ideal building kit that allows kids to build on different projects that involve space gadgets. Kids can learn how to build a Mars Rover, an energy meter, a star chart and more. The LittleBits Space Kit comes with individual Bit modules that perform a certain function. Kids can easily connect each module by snapping small magnets together. There is no need for soldering or wiring knowledge required.

This unique building set comes with 12 Bits modules and a project booklet that will help guide kids on how to build 10 amazing projects using the different pieces. Kids can also become more creative and use the different Bits to designing and building their own machines using the building set. The LittleBits Space Kit is ideal for kids 14 years old and above with a keen interest in science and engineering. This building kit is available at Fat Brain Toys for $199.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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