Little Red Rider Wooden Vehicle

As toddlers grow, their bodies begin to develop and muscles gain strength. They start to learn control over their hands and feet. Soon enough, they will try to gain strength to stand up and eventually learn how to walk. Parents can surround them with toys like the Little Red Rider Wooden Vehicle that will help at this important stage of the development cycle.

The Little Red Rider is a wooden vehicle that toddlers can use in various ways to help them develop their way into learning how to walk and go about. It is designed like a toy wagon but with upright handlebars to help assist kids as they learn how to stand up on their own. The four-wheeled wagon also comes with a wooden seat for kids to ride on and move about by pushing the wagon with their feet. Kids can also store other toys and objects they see on the space found under the wooden seat.

The Little Red Rider is a good toy for kids to have at this early stage of their development. The toy can help develop a toddler’s gross motor skills, coordination and balance. This toy can also help and encourage kids to walk and explore their immediate surroundings. The Little Red Rider is designed for kids from a year old and onwards. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $73.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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