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Little People Wheelies Airport Toy Set

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My kids are fascinated by many things. Their curiosity usually extends to various things that we as adults find so dull and mundane. But to a child, things like flying airplanes can generate questions about where they go when not flying, who controls them and many more. Kids can learn more about them in a fun way having this Little People Wheelies Airport to play with.

The Little People Wheelies Airport set is a fun way at looking what a fun airport looks like. It has its very own Control Tower, Airplane Hangar where planes are parked as well as a Food Court where the pilots eat. It also has a unique elevated spiral landing and takeoff platform where the toy planes may fly off or land.

The kids will surely have a lot of fun playing with the Little People Wheelies Airport and give them an early introduction to introduce them to how airports work. It also helps encourage imaginative play for those young aspiring pilots or even airport administrators. Imaginative play can help those little minds to develop creativity. It is a skill that kids can lose if it is not nurtured often enough and at an early stage of their development. Toy sets like the Little People Wheelies Airport can help nurture and develop their creative minds at an early age. This fun toy set is available at Fisher Price for US$25.

Image Source: Fisher Price

Image Source: Fisher Price

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