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Little People City Skyway

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Kids start to be a little bit more active once they learn to stand up and walk. They cannot seem to stay in one place when they learn that they can now go somewhere on their own power. The only way to sometimes keep kids in one place is by providing them with fun and interesting toys to keep them occupied. A toy set like the Little People City Skyway will surely help kids have a lot to do while staying in a certain area of the home.

The Little People City Skyway will let kids have a chance to play with toy cars with an elaborate maze of tracks to run through. What makes it unique is that it stands three feet tall where kids can place the cars on top and let it speed down through three different exits. One of the exits will allow the cars to jump over. Kids can flip different switches in order to guide the cars to different paths on the skyway. Kids can also leave it as is and just wait for the surprise which exit the speeding cars turn up.

The Little People City Skyway is not just an ordinary skyway. It also comes with other features such as a working crane, a traffic signal, a parking meter, gas pump a functional gate and Koby and Tessa cars. The playset is designed for kids from 18 months to 5 years old. It can also help kids develop their fine motor skills as they play. Pretend play helps kids develop their creativity and imagination. The Little People City Skyway is from Fisher Price and is available on the website for $40.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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