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Little People Aquarium Visit

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Toddlers are fascinated with water. They love to play with it. But parents know better. If they leave kids playing with water, toddlers will only make a mess of it. It may still be acceptable if kids can play with a little water, especially if it is part of the Little People Aquarium Visit play set.

The Little People Aquarium Visit is an engaging play set about a small water playground. There is a pool with some make-believe water in it. There are also fish tanks filled with colorful fishes surrounding the tank. There is also a water slide going to the pool. Kids can play with a Koby figure and a wiggling dolphin that can go through the slide. There is also a hoop that the dolphin can jump trough. And while the dolphin lands on the pool, kids can see the water swirling around with the dolphin in it. There is also a ball and a bucket full of fish to give to the dolphin come feeding time.

The Little People Aquarium Visit allows toddlers to play make believe as if they are visiting the public aquarium. It helps kids develop their sense of curiosity and discovery. This play set can also help kids develop their imagination and creativity with some fun pretend play. With the Little People Aquarium Visit kids can play with “water” that parents will not mind. Ideal for kids from 1 to 5 years old, this play set is available at Fisher Price for $20.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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