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Little Bits Code Kit Teaches Kids to Code

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Kids today can have fun in many different ways. With all things going high tech, kids may need to catch up more with learning about the new stuff. Computer programming may not be kid stuff in the past. But now, it is, at least the basic ones. As a matter of fact, there are now a lot of coding toys available that will introduce the basics to kids at a very early stage, like this new Little Bits Code Kit. 

The Little Bits Code Kit is a unique toy set that will teach kids the fundamentals of coding. In order to get kids in step towards learning coding, this kit will teach them how to build games. The kit includes 16 modular circuits, an LED matrix, a rechargeable battery, a codeBit, and 30 different accessories. With each kit, kids will be able to build four games, which is the Ultimate Shootout, Tug-of-War, Rockstar Guitar, and Hot Potato. Kids will connect the modular circuits. Kids then will need to program certain actions to each block using Google’s Blockly code editor. It is designed especially for kids to learn about programming by using a drag-and-drop visual code editor. As the kids learn how the concept of computer programming , they will eventually take up more projects and learn more and more about coding in the process.

Knowing the fun that kids will have playing with the Little Bits Code Kit will eventually build up that interest in kids about computer programming and even engineering. When kids begin to get engaged in doing the activities, they get to learn and understand about coding. Ideal for kids from Grades 3 to 8, the Little Bits Code Kit is expected to hit store shelves sometime in June of this year for around $300. 

Image Source:   Engadget 

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