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Lite Brite 200 Piece Set

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Kids can work at developing their creativity through fun and games. It is an important trait to enhance and improve since creativity is known to gradually lessen as kids grow up. Parents who learn the importance of nurturing creativity can help transform creative kids into creative teens or adults. It all starts with having toys like this Lite Brite 200 Piece Set.

There are many ways kids can develop their creativity while having fun. This Lite Brite 200 Piece Set does so by enabling kids to create images using different uniquely-shaped pegs that light up. Kids have a Lite Brite screen as their canvas and around 200 different colored pegs to create shapes and images. The Lite Brite screen comes with a black grid where kids can attach the pegs is different ways. Once the pegs are plugged in, they magically light up. The Lite Brite 200 Piece Set comes with six templates that can guide kids how to make different fun designs on the Lite Brite screen. One they get the hang of it, kids can then try to create their own original pictures using the different pegs.

The Lite Brite 200 Piece Set comes with the Lite Brite unit, 200 pegs to play with, 6 design templates and a removable storage tray to keep the pegs afterwards. This toy set helps kids develop their fine motor skills, logic as well as their creativity. The Lite Brite 200 Piece Set is available at Fat Brain Toys for $26. It requires 3AA batteries to light up.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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