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Liquid Motion Bubbler

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Many toys that kids play with come with a learning component that aids in developing a child’s skill or knowledge. The fun component is always there to make them interesting for kids to focus on. Toys like the Liquid Motion Bubbler features a lot of things that offer the best of both fun and learning components.
The Liquid Motion Bubbler from Toysmith presents a visual display that also offers to help stimulate a child’s imagination. Standing 5.75 inches tall, this toy works just like a unique hourglass. But instead of sand, it has liquid elements in various colors that demonstrate liquid dynamics as a visual spectacle. Kids can watch colored bubbles squeeze from an internal spout ad then slowly float down to the bottom, much like a lava lamp. When all the bubbles have fallen to the bottom, kids only need to flip the Liquid Motion Bubbler to experience the spectacle all over again.
The Liquid Motion Bubbler does not have any mechanical parts and does not require power in order to work. Its durable construction can withstand constant handling and resists cracks. Ideal for kids from 12 years old and above, the Liquid Motion Bubbler is available at Amazon for around $5.
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