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Linknotize Board Game

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Trying to link one subject to another can sometimes be easy if they relate to each other. Linking two separate subjects that do not seem to be related can be quite challenging. Finding a common link to two unrelated subjects can also be a basis for some fun and interesting game. This is what the new Linknotize Board Game aims to create in a fun new game.

The Linknotize Board Game is a unique board game that integrates the use of smartphones and tablets as one of the tools for the game. The board game comes with cards that contain words or phrases color coded according to subjects. The main objective of the game is for players to try to connect two unrelated subject by means of Wiki links.

It is said that people today may only be separated by 1 to 10 Wikipedia links. If it really holds true is still up for debate. But that is what Linknotize aims to do for fun, let the players get the most unrelated subjects from the card and then try to use their smartphones or tablets to find possible links that will connect the two subjects. Players have 3 minutes to get those links online. Games like Linknotize can help stimulate the brain. It can also help people learn how to think quickly and focus more on trying to win the game. The first player to establish those links the fastest wins. The Linknotize Board Game is available at Firebox for around 20 pounds or around $30.

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