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Link ‘n Play Musical Gym

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Babies do not always like to stay in one place. As they learn to move around by crawling, expect kids to become more active as they try to absorb more of their surroundings through what they can sense. Sometimes, it helps make things more convenient if you can have your baby play in just one place. You might require a toy like the Link ‘n Play Musical Gym to ensure that kids have many things to do and not get bored.

The Link ‘n Play Musical Gym is a multi-activity toy that kids can enjoy playing in one area. It comes with a comfortable mat that kids will love to lay in while playing. Above the comfortable mat are a number of interesting overhead toys that hang from repositionable arches. Babies can try to grasp at the overhead toys, which include a musical mirror, a soft chime bee, a flower teether with clackers, soft leaves with peek-a-boo clackers and stacked rattles. Toddlers can try to crawl through the arches and take a grab on the different toys they see.

The Link ‘n Play Musical Gym helps keeps babies occupied with different types of activities that can indulge their young senses. This toy set can help kids develop their gross motor skills as well as their different senses. The Link ‘n Play Musical Gym is ideal for babies from 3 months old and above. It is available at Fisher Price for $40.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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