Link It Puzzle Board Game

Solving puzzles can be both fun and interesting. Kids who learn to enjoy solving puzzles also develop their mental skills especially in problem solving. There are many puzzle board games that kids can try out and challenge they way they try to look at and solve problems. The Link It Puzzle Board Game is just but one example.

The Link It Puzzle Board Game is a unique puzzle game that helps kids develop that knack of finding solutions to puzzles. The game features puzzle pieces that look like those pieces you see on a game of Tetris. But the objective of the game is vastly different. Players need to build a path using the puzzle pieces that leads to the purple corners in order to win the game. Game starts with the player choosing one of the four maps of a grid of green squares and two purple squares in the opposite corners of each other. The goal is to use the special path pieces in order to connect a path to the purple squares.

To begin, a player grabs a challenge card, which will show the map to choose and the specified puzzle pieces to use. With each piece made up of a different configuration of squares with only some of them colored purple, players try to imagine, turn, twist and connect the pieces in order to create the perfect purple path. If players get stumped at a particular problem, there nothing to worry about. The solution is also printed at the back of each challenge card.

The Link It Puzzle Board Game is a one-player puzzle board game that can challenge a kid’s mind to look at problems with in intent of solving them. Playing with this set helps kids develop visualization as well as visual-spatial skills. It also helps develop their logic and planning ability the more they play with the puzzle game. The set comes with 48 challenge cards, 12 puzzle pieces, 3 path boards as well as detailed instruction and rules of playing the game. The Link It Puzzle Board Game is ideal for kids from 8 years old and above and is available at Fat Brain Toys for $12.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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