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LightUp Edison Kit

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Kids are now more familiar with electronics than ever before. They know that it is inside those different electronic toys they play at home. They also know that it makes those electronic appliances work. Despite all this familiarity, kids may not be able to fully understand them. Sooner or later, some kids will develop an interest on how these electronics work. Help provide them with a way to discover electric circuits by giving them this LightUp Edison Kit.

The LightUp Edison Kit is a unique science kit that teaches kids the basics of electric circuits. Help them understand and learn by actually building the different circuits and complete certain projects that come with the science kit. The LightUp Edison Kit features pieces that come together using magnetic snapping blocks. Each block feature a switch, an electronic part or a circuit that form part of a set. Kids can then build, rearrange, and create different electric circuits using the different blocks.

With the LightUp Edison Kit, kids can learn how to build a simple buzzer, a light sensor, a Morse Code beeper and more. Kids can also explore and make their own electrical circuits as well. The LightUp Edison Kit includes a rechargeable battery, a red LED, a light sensor, buzzer, momentary switch, a 50K variable resistor, 6 wire blocks and a micro USB cable for charging the battery. Kids can also download an accompanying app for free to add fun and interactive learning while playing with the LightUp Edison Kit. This science kit is ideal for kids from 5 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $46.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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