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Lifestyle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Vase

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There are kids who love to play with puzzles. Some prefer the challenge that jigsaw puzzles offer. With different levels of difficulty, jigsaw puzzles are fun because kids learn to put the small pieces of the puzzle together to create a bigger picture. But after a while, some kids may get bored trying to put the same puzzle together. Some may want something different to do this time. This Lifestyle 3D Puzzle Vase from puzzle and games maker University Games may just provide that unique challenge.

The Lifestyle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Vase is a unique take on the usual jigsaw puzzle. This time, kids learn how to put together a functional vase with the different 3D jigsaw puzzle pieces. Kids build an actual vase that can be used at home when completed. It can hold water for the flowers, thanks to the plastic jigsaw pieces and a can placed inside the vase. The Lifestyle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Vase offers kids a unique challenge of putting a 3D puzzle together. And kids can have it displayed at home for everybody to see. The Lifestyle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Vase comes with 192 different pieces to put together. This new jigsaw puzzle is expected to be available by autumn of this year. It is expected to cost around $25 per puzzle.

Image Source: University Games

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