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Lexibook TV Game Console

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Kids always love to play games. But they can easily get bored playing a single game over and over again. Video games particularly appeal to kids because they offer different games to play with. But parents are not always excited about buying a new expensive game title for video game consoles each and every year the new ones come out. The Lexibook TV Game Console may offer a more affordable alternative as it already contains 200 built-in games to play.

The Lexibook TV Game Console is a fun and interactive TV entertainment system designed not only for kids but for the whole family as well. It features 200 built-in games stored on a mini-SD card. That is more than enough games for kids to enjoy for hours and even days. It features 161 arcade and mini games that feature racing, adventure, cards and brainteasers. There are also 39 interactive sports games like basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming, bowling, skiing and a whole lot more. It also contains 110 games in 32-bit graphics quality for those who long for playing those classic games of the past. The set comes with a wireless console and two wireless controllers. The games can be played by one or more players at a time. Photo, video and music apps are also available to provide the console with added features aside from just using them for fun gaming.

With a wide selection of games to choose from, the Lexibook TV Game Console offers a fun and ready-to-play experience for kids at home. It connects to your TV using an AV cable. There is no need to head to the store to buy new video game titles just to enjoy it. The built-in games are more than enough to provide the kids with all the games and activities they can do for the day. The Lexibook TV Game Console is currently available for pre-order at Toys R’ Us for $50. They are expected to be available around mid-July of this year.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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