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Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner

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Kid girls love to play house all the time even at an early age. They just like to imitate whatever mom is doing. Take cleaning the house for example. Some kids may like to do just how mom cleans the home. Teach kids the basics of cleaning house with toys like the Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner.

The Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner is a wooden toy designed to look like a typical vacuum cleaner. But this time, it has no electrical parts. But it can still do the work of vacuuming up the wooden pieces that come with the toy. Kids just need to litter the colorful wooden pieces on the floor. The Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner can magically scoop them up as it goes over the pieces one by one.  Kids can then open the back lid of the wooden toy vacuum cleaner to retrieve the pieces and begin work again.

The Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner comes as a two-piece assembly that is easy to set up. It measures 23.5 inches tall, ideal for kids from 3 years old and above. The toy vacuum cleaner also comes with a front dial that clicks when rotated. It is a good toy to have for some imaginative play. Kids will also see visual results and experience first-hand how vacuum cleaning basically works. It also helps develop motor and organization skills in kids at an early age. The Let’s Play House! Vacuum Cleaner is available at Fat Brain Toys for $27.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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