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LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House

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Who says LEGO is just for boys? The build-your-own-toy company offers its new line that targets girls.

The LEGO Friends series features figures and dollhouses that girls age five to 12 can build from the ground up. Following the LEGO tradition, each brick piece can be connected with utmost precision or with wanton freestyle, letting the girls’ creativity put to the test. The LEGO Friends follows the lifestyle of five girls namely Olivia, Stephanie, Emma, Andrea, and Mia.

Among the LEGO Friends sets, the Olivia Tree House is one of the most popular. It includes the Olivia mini-doll figure and includes her pet cat Maxie, four ladybirds, a bird Goldie with birdhouse, four butterflies, a hidden compartment, and folding ladders. Girls can decorate Olivia’s Tree House with butterflies and wildflowers, as well as rebuild and create new places to play.

This set comes with a bevy of accessories including a telescope, milk carton, food dish, fish, and flower pack. It can also be connected to other LEGO Friends sets and build a small village, or connect it with other LEGO blocks and create an even bigger community.

The LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House is now available on Amazon for a listed price of $19.99

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