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Lego Boost Brings Movement To Your Lego Set

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Lego bricks have been a classic building set that many kids have grown up playing with. That is why the name easily conjures up thoughts of building houses, cars, and almost anything using the different varieties of those recognizable building bricks. But Lego is trying to make it even more exciting for both new and old Lego set owners. It is about to add movement and other options to your current building set with the Lego Boost. 

The Lego Boost is a set of motors and programmable bricks that can add some movement and other play options for classic as well as new Lego sets. Lego Boost can turn any Lego kit into motorized toys that kids can use to build up robots, modes of transport, or other moving devices and objects using Lego bricks. At the heart of the Lego Boost set is the Move Hub, a Lego brick that comes with a built-in tilt sensor that kids can then add bricks, motors and other Lego elements into. Kids can then program the Move Hub as well as the motorized parts in order to make them perform a certain action or task. From moving a certain way to making sounds, the Lego Boost combines the elements of building with learning how to make them move. Kids can use an app in order to do the coding for the Lego Boost.  

For those kids who are not yet that acquainted with coding, the Lego Boost set also comes with detailed instructions on how to build and program five different models using Lego Boost. These will help introduce kids to basic building and coding using Lego. The Lego Boost set is expected to be available sometime in the second half of this year. The building set is expected to cost around $160. 

Image Source: Lego 

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