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Learning Resources Create A Maze

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Puzzles help kids learn how to solve problems. They help kids find ways to look for solutions. It helps them become more creative in looking for different ways to look at problems and solve them. Kids also find solving puzzles fun and enjoyable. Different types of puzzles help kids learn about different ways of tackling problems. It also helps if the kids also learn to build their own puzzles and mazes as well, like this Learning Resources Create A Maze puzzle building set.

The Learning Resources Create A Maze is a toy set that allows kids to create different types of mazes and puzzles to solve. It comes with a puzzle board and different puzzle pieces that kids can set up. There is also a ball that kids need to guide through the puzzle and avoid the obstacles. A variety of colorful puzzle pieces allow kids to become more creative in setting different mazes on the circular puzzle board. Activity cards can also provide kids with a number of maze designs that they can set up to start them off. Once they get the hang of it, kids then learn to create their own mazes using the maze pieces available to them. The Learning Resources Create A Maze comes with a maze board and base, 17 maze pieces in different colors, 4 balls, and 10 Activity Cards. This puzzle set is ideal for kids ages five years old and up. the Learning Resources Create A Maze is available at Toys R’ Us for $18.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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