Learn With Me Sort & Learn Apple

Kids who learn at an early age usually develop their mind faster than others. The mental stimulation helps give them a head start in their brain development. It does not always have to be strict educational instruction that will do the trick. Teaching toddlers using fun games help them develop an interest in learning as well as allow them to enjoy the experience as well. Using toys like the Learn with Me Sort & Learn Apple toy will definitely help in this area.

The Learn with Me Sort & Learn Apple from the Learning Journey International is a set of toys that will enable kids to learn more about different fruits and vegetables. It features a talking apple that also acts as the storage container for the toys. There are also several fruit and vegetable pieces that all fit into the container. This game will help kids discover and recognize common fruits and vegetables. The talking apple will help guide them through what they need to find and place inside the container.

The simple yet engaging game will help kids develop their visual identification skills as well as their focus and concentration. It will also help kids develop their gross motor skills as well. The Learn with Me Sort & Learn Apple toy is ideal for kids from 2 years old and above. It is available at the TLJI website for $25.
Image Source: The Learning Journey International

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