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Learn with Me – Color Fun Fish Bowl

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Learning about the different colors can be fun and enjoyable. Kids love exploring those colors for the first time and knowing about them. Having toys that will help them learn about colors can help develop their visual perception as well as increase their knowledge of colors. The Learn With Me- Color Fun Fish Bowl is an ideal toy to have to get your kids to embark on an adventure of learning about colors.

The Learn with Me – Color Fun Fish Bowl is an interactive color-matching game that helps kids learn about colors. It is a talking fish bowl with bright eyes and a happy face. It also comes with ten fishes in different colors. This toy is an interactive teacher that will teach kids about colors by utilizing fun games to help improve memory and recall. It comes with two game modes- Name the Color and Color Seek. Kids only need to push the small fish button on the base of the fish bowl. When they pick up a fish and slide it into the opening at the top, the Color Fun Fish Bowl will say the color of the fish inserted into it. Kids easily pay attention and learn to associate the color with the fish.

When kids push the fish button a second time, they get to play in another game mode. This time, the Fish Bowl will ask questions about a particular color of fish. Kids will then try to find it from the collection and choose the correct fish by putting it on the opening above the fish bowl. kids are given three tries to get the correct fish. When the fish bowl becomes full after games, kids can retrieve the fishes by simply turning the storage compartment bowl open located at the bottom of the bowl.

The Learn with Me – Color Fun Fish Bowl is a fun way for kids to learn more about colors. Kids will learn how to identify and match colors, improving their skill the more they play with the toy. It requires two AA batteries to operate. This toy is designed for kids two years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for US$28.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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