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LeapTV Educational Active Video Game System

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The new Leapfrog LeapTV is a game console targeted at kids ages 3 to 8. It uses motion control.

LeapTV will have three ways to play, including a classic controller or a pointer. You can also play with motion-sensing controls, getting kids to be more active and off the couch. The machine aims to change the way kids learn by combining activity and movement with educational curriculum. You can transform the device into the type of control that fits the game. The games adapt the learning to your child starting with age, then auto-adjust the level for just the right challenge. The games teaches reading, mathematics, science and problem solving skills.

LeapTV has its own platform, with its own games that come in cartridge or download form: $29.99 for a cartridge, between $5 and $15 for downloads. There will be nine cartridge titles available at retailers at launch time. The rest will be available through digital means. The console has 16 gigabytes of flash memory to store digital content.

The audio instructions is made for kids who don’t yet read and a controller made for small hands, even the youngest can play.

Cost: $149.99
Only available on October 24, 2014

Image credit: Leapfrog

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