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LeapFrog Text and Learn

by admin

Kids usually learn from actions that they see their parents make. And with those smartphones that parents use to send text messages, it can be easy for even small kids to become fascinated with such devices. And with the LeapFrog Text and Learn, kids will now be able to use such devices and learn other things at the same time.

The LeapFrog Text and Learn helps kids learn as well as play in a device or toy similar to what grownups use. This small device comes with a QWERTY keyboard to learn how to type. The toy also comes with three learning modes that teach them practice with letter names and sounds. Kids using the Text and Learn also can exchange the text messages with their puppy pal Scout. Parents can also connect online to the LeapFrog Learning Path for other customized learning ideas. The LeapFrog Text and Learn is available at Amazon for $18.

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