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It has been a constant challenge teaching my kids how to read and write. The intent is always there. But the patience on my side seems to be low at times, considering how my kids dread those seemingly boring methods I use to teach them. It is therefore quite reassuring to know that technology nowadays can help us teach our kids these skills in a more fun and engaging environment. Take for example this new LeapFrog LeapReader which I think is a handy tool for teaching kids how to read and write.

The LeapFrog LeapReader is a unique read and write solution for kids. It is an interactive pen that works with LeapFrog’s Tag line learn to read system, composed of hundreds of book titles to help kids build their appetite for reading as well as writing. The LeapReader helps to teach kids how to read by developing their ability to listen. The device can read out the word it points to on the book through its built-in speaker. It can even sound out individual letters to help kids identify with each one. Kids practice how to pronounce each letter or word by following the sounds from the LeapReader.

The LeapFrog LeapReader also teaches kids to write when used with LeapFrog’s interactive writing workbooks. Kids can use the device to trace the letters on the book that uses a special kind of paper for some mess-free writing. Interactive guidance coming from the pen helps kids learn to write stroke by stroke, letter by letter.

Using the LeapReader, kids will find learning to read and write fun and entertaining. The device has the capacity to hold up to 40 books or 175 songs. It is also compatible with the interactive library of books under LeapFrog’s Tag line. It is designed for kids from 4 to 8 years old. It is now available at LeapFrog for US$50. Interactive books for the device are sold separately.

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