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Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer

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Babies and toddlers have a high interest level about their surroundings. You can see them quite having interest on things they see, hear, touch and even taste. Parents would want to stimulate the child’s senses early during their learning phase. Toys like the Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer may be ideal for kids at this stage.

The Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer is a toy hammer that does more than just letting kids pound anywhere. It comes in a colorful design that will attract the eyes of kids. Aside from that, this toy hammer also comes with music, lights and sounds. Kids can push the smiling character button on the toy hammer to activate the music and lights. Tapping the hammer on the wall or floor will also do the same thing. The toy hammer comes with over 20 songs, tunes and phrases that can teach kids all about numbers, counting and language. Kids can also learn about cause and effect as they learn to activate the sound and lights on the toy hammer with press or a tap. The Laugh & Learn Tap ‘n Learn Hammer is available at Toys R’ Us for $9.

Image Source: Toys R’ Us

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