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Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy

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Many kids like physical activities the moment they learn to crawl and move about. They like to explore their surroundings and move around. Not only does this strengthen their muscles, it also helps expand their understanding of their immediate environment. It will continue to expand as they learn to walk. You can help in your kid’s development during this stage by having toys like the Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy.

The Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy is a cute and fun toy that also helps kids develop not only their physical traits but also their mental and emotional capacities as well. This toy helps make your kid’s exploration of his or her immediate environment more convenient. The Stride to Ride Puppy is meant to be a ride-on toy. Kids can use it to learn how to develop their early motor as well as their balance and coordination skills. This toy comes with a wide wheel base that makes it stable and safe for small kids to ride and go places.

The Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy also helps kids develop how to think and understand basic ideas. It offers a number of mental activities for kids presented in the use of shapes and sounds. There are blocks in different shapes that kids can play around with by sorting and feeding the puppy. This helps develop the kid’s had and eye coordination as well as shape association skills. The toy also comes with over 50 songs that teaches kids many basic ideas such as numbers, letters, colors and shapes and a number of other skills. The Laugh & Learn Stride to Ride Puppy needs three AA batteries to power up its functions. This toy is available at Fisher Price for US$45.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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