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Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market

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When I try to look for toys for my kids when they were still babies, I usually do not go for toys that my kids can simply play with. That is the same as saying a simple toy rattle will not do, even it is quite fun for kids to play with.  I try to make sure that the toy I choose can provide my kids with something to learn while playing with it, developing certain skills early on. I like toys such as the Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market from Fisher Price.

Educational toys like the Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market helps kids learn a variety of skills while having fun. This toy looks like that cash register at the supermarket that comes with its own weighing scale. It also comes with large number pad, rollers and other shapes matched with bright colors to make the toy very visually interesting for kids. It also comes with features that will help kids learn as they play.

The Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market toy set features lights, music and fun responses, all to reward the baby for every scan. This help kids learn about cause and effect. Using their hands to push the buttons, spin the roller and handle the shapes help kids develop their motor skills. Audible sounds teach the kids about language, words and numbers as well as songs and phrases in both the Spanish and the English language. Fun accessories also help the toy set more fun to play with. The Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market requires three AA batteries to function. It is a toy set that helps jumpstart your kid’s journey to learning. Designed for kids from one to eleven months, the Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market toy is available at the Fisher Price website for US$30.

Image Source: Fisher Price


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