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Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market

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Learning is not a boring activity for babies and toddlers. After all, it is not yet like classroom study where kids already pore over books and listen to lectures all day long. For babies who are trying to explore the world around them, learning is all about fun and games. They easily take in and absorb whatever stimulates their different senses at these early stages. But as young as they are, they can already grasps early concepts about numbers, colors even language. But they cannot yet truly express it as most adults may expect. So they still continue to go about their way playing as they learn. Toy sets like the Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market will help pave the way for fun learning at this early developmental stages.

The Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market is designed to help babies and toddlers learn about their ABC’s, numbers, colors, foods and even greetings and opposites. The toy set comes in the form of a colorful cash register filled with different hands-on activities to do and enjoy. Just like in a supermarket, kids can learn how to scan object through the cash register and then enjoy the lights and the fun responses and songs that come out. This can help kids learn about cause and effect. Spinning the rollers, pressing the keys and grasping different shapes all help to enhance the growing baby’s fine motor skills. Babies learn how to role play early as they take on the job as a cashier scanning, sorting, weighing objects and making choices. This imaginative play can help them develop creativity in a fun way. The songs and phrases all come out in both English and Spanish, helping kids also learn about languages and their differences.

The Laugh & Learn Magic Scan Market is an ideal toy for babies from 6 to 36 months old. It is available at Fisher Price for $30.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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