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Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen

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Kids like to play make-believe even at such a young age. I see my kids sometimes talking as if they are adults. They also like to imitate what I do or say. Kids try to role-play and try to imitate what they see. It is part of their development process. If you wish to help them learn more about the world they live in, you can try to have them play with toys that will encourage this. If you wish your kid to become a kitchen whiz someday, you would like them to play with this Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen set from Fisher Price.

The Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen is an activity-based toy set for your baby. Teach them the basics of kitchen tasks early by giving them their very own kitchen area to play with. The Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen gives your kids many kitchen activities to explore and learn from the inside and out, front and back. This interesting kitchen set comes with features that you see in a typical kitchen. It comes with its own cooking range and oven, complete with pots, pans and other objects of different shapes and sizes that kids can hold and move. It also comes with a refrigerator that babies can easily open and close. There are also lights and sounds that the babies can switch on and off. That is not all this toy kitchen set can do.

The Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen also comes with a number of learning activities for kids to enjoy. It teaches kids to learn the alphabet, counting with numbers, as well as both words in English and Spanish. It also teaches kids other things such as manners and greetings. You can say that the Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen is an all-around educational toy set ideal for curious kids to learn about skills and develop well as they grow into toddlers. The Laugh & Learn Learning Kitchen toy set is great for kids from six to 36 months of age. It is available at Fisher Price for US$40. This toy set requires three AA batteries.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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