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Laugh & Learn Jumperoo

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It pays to have our kids become active even while they are young. Even if they may look like a little bundle of cuteness, they come with some boundless energy that makes them quite active by the time they reach a year old. It will be around that time that they will be learning to walk, once their muscles develop and become strong. But until then, you can help strengthen their muscles and more by having the Laugh & Learn Jumperoo around.

The Laugh & Learn Jumperoo is a special kind of baby seat that does not help babies learn to go around. It is designed more to help kids develop their leg muscles by moving up and down, even jumping. The device comes with a seat that is suspended by durable but stretchable springs connected to a sturdy steel frame. The baby does not just sit on the Laugh & Learn Jumperoo. He or she can also jump up and down freely and safely.

The Laugh & Learn Jumperoo also comes with other fun features for babies. It has around six toy stations and two overhead toys that kids can explore and play with. There is a shape sorting garden, a farm flip book, cow rattle beads, pop and play piggies, a mirror pond, and lots more. Interacting with the toys also comes with colorful lights and sounds that babies will have fun with and enjoy. The height of the device can be adjusted as the baby grows. The device requires the use of 3 AA batteries to activate the lights and sounds. The Laugh & Learn Jumperoo is available at Fisher Price for US$130.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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