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Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car

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It is fun teaching kids about everyday things while they are young. They seem to soak everything up and like to explore. They like to stimulate their newly developed senses as much as they can. Toys that help them develop their senses, motor skills and more at a very early age makes the kids become more aware of the things around them. The new Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car will more than provide the type of early training that parents may be looking for in a toy.

The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car is a miniature stationary car that comes with many features that can keep babies occupied and interested. The size of the toy is ideal for a baby two years old and above. They can go around it, go inside it, or simply just handle and play with all of the brightly colored buttons and other features. This allows the baby to develop both gross and fine motor skills. The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car features an interactive dashboard that lights up and provides some sound effects as well as some games in the form of different activities.

The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car comes with a built-in speaker that spews out more than 75 different songs that kids and even parents happen to like as well. The toy car also comes with interesting tunes and phrases that the kids can learn and imitate. The toy can help the baby develop those auditory senses. With different game modes, the toy car can also help kids develop their problem solving skills at a very early age. The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car can also helpful in trying to get kids into learning their first word, introduction to letters and numbers as well as colors. It is an interesting and fun toy to have for your growing toddler. The Laugh & Learn Crawl Around Car is designed for kids six months up to 3 years old. It is available at Fisher Price for US$60.

Image Source: Fisher Price

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