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Laptop Buddha Board

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I consider my kids a creative bunch. They always like to doodle around, drawing here and there without thinking much of it. For us adults, doing this can sometimes act as therapy, a way to clear the mind now and then. It is the Zen approach to relieving stress. I do not really know if this has the same effect on the kids. But if you like to nurture their doodling skills using the proper toy, then this Laptop Buddha Board will do quite well.

The Laptop Buddha Board is a way to practice your kid’s eye for doodles without them doing it on walls, tables and other things. It is the practical approach let kids doodle the Zen way. It is a unique painting surface designed much like a laptop. It opens up to reveal a Buddha Board along with a water trough and a paintbrush. The other lid flips to the other side to act as the easel stand.

Kids only need to use water and the paintbrush when using the Laptop Buddha Board. A bold image appears on the Buddha Board as the kid doodles. What makes it convenient is that the image will slowly fade away as the water dries out, giving kids another clean slate to start creating new images. The Zen approach gives kids a clean slate always ready whenever they feel like doodling. This comes in handy especially for parents who have to deal with hard to remove doodles all over the house. The Laptop Buddha Board is available at Fat Brain Toys for $11.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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