La Dee Da Fashion Dolls

My three-year-old daughter loves fashion dolls. Especially Barbie. She has a collection of 8 Barbie’s and watches all her movies. So, it was with great excitement that I introduced her to a brand new fashion doll, the La Dee Da Doll.

My daughter couldn’t wait to get her new doll out of the box. Her outfit is so fun and colorful.  This doll is gorgeous and is a nice change from Barbie’s.

Each doll has a name and comes with a portfolio, stickers and an activity story booklet.  I bought “City Girl Dee” to my daughter.  As the 1st edition Dee, she’s an introduction doll and is in a series of her own.  She and her friends have created a fun fashion label, LaDeeDa Fashion (Rowdy, Shouty, Chic).

Dee’s outfit was inspired by her hometown, New York City! She’s wearing a beautiful skyline skirt. And with her Statue of Liberty eye makeup she’s the perfect creative example of the big apple. Dee’s accessories and her skirt work in multiple ways. Her leggings when pushed down become leg warmers, her skyline skirt turns into a poufy bubble skirt, and her flower and bow can go anywhere.

My daughter loves that she can change her style up without having to change her clothes.. My daughter is having a lot of fun playing with her new doll and I am going to buy the other La dee dolls for her soon.

La Dee Da doll and Barbie’s can’t really share shoes or clothes; their size is different.  La Dee Da doll is shorter and smaller than Barbie.  Her feet are shorter also.

I would highly recommend these dolls to anyone who has little girls who like dolls they can play with on a regular basis. I would have loved these when I was a child!

You can purchase your La Dee Da Doll through, Toy’s R’ Us or any retailer that sells toys like Target or Walmart; the La Dee Da Dolls retail for $19.99.

The makers of La Dee Da dolls have created a beautiful website where you can direct your kids to play games, get an app and gain great craft ideas, Go to

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