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KOOBA Board Game

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Kids can have fun playing with board games, especially if they require some physical skill to play. Not many game boards can boast of having such a game play feature. Playing darts may be an exception, but they are not actually designed for kids to play with. A more interesting alternative would be this KOOBA Board Game.

The KOOBA Board Game is a unique game of skill and strategy. In a way, it is similar to darts because the board is placed on a wall and requires a projectile to hit certain areas for scoring. But this time, the KOOBA does not use sharp projectiles. Instead, it makes use of Aeros, rubberized three-sided projectiles with magnetic tips and a hole in the middle. Hitting the board using the Aeros requires the use of two sticks by placing them inside the hole of one Aero and making a cross. Uncrossing the two sticks by pulling apart your hands away from each other will launch the Aero forward. Doing it the right way will enable the Aero to stick into the magnetic board. It takes some practice in order to keep the projectile go forward and aim at an area on the board.

The KOOBA Board Game also comes with a different set of rules to play the game. The detailed instructions are included with the board game. This darts alternative is ideal for kids from 14 years old and above. It is available at Fat Brain Toys for $65.

Image Source: Fat Brain Toys

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